We’ve changed nothing

And learned even less


Mnemonic to kill the cancer

That envelops

No self sacrifice

Much too selfish


Life is the most blessed of gifts

Each life is a map

To the beginning of time


It is waste

To destroy history in ways unfathomable

Seeping poison of thought

That saved the present

At the risk of the future

Just to bury the past


Greed and paranoia

Perfect breeding ground for progress

And regression


Not a man alive is honest

And the future bleeds at the behest

Of the dishonest


Lying to the public

Begins with a lie to yourself

This tragedy is that the punishment for dishonesty

Is the lives of your children


Slaves to ourselves

An enemy beyond comprehension

And it pretends friendship


Death was never the ultimate price

The price was always your soul

Your humanity

Your children

Our future


Given the chance

Who would not save us all

In the utopian myth


Dystopian slaying of illusions

Where any can find where they stand


Praying for apocalypse

Ending of the world

All must be laid to waste

That it begins anew


World born in perfection

Shattered into this

Start again


Entropy in reverse

Perfection uninhibited

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