Lulling the sheep

To sleep

The mesmerizing hands

Of the puppeteers


When the lies never stop

When revolution becomes the puppet of the top

When your promised future is just lies and slop

We are left with not but ashes

In The Gray

We fade into oblivion

Under the callous gods

We made


The crumbling artifice

Whose bellows wheeze and groan

Black lifeblood spilling in spurts

Shuddering its final days

Abandoned Deserters

Old honor

Held in the den of thieves

Dark deeds overshadow

Dark thoughts in the cage

Lying Eternal

A hunk of meat

That once held dreams

An open mind

Splashed against the back wall


Harken the cries of a new era

Artifice meets opportunity

Finding new horrors

Generating a new paradigm


Crystalline frost

Breathes the mother

As shadows creep over

Empires of man


When worlds collide

There is always cross-pollination

With worlds so disparate

It is seen as cross-contamination

New God


That false god

That killed

The other false gods

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