What can be said in seven words

Can be said in five


I can understand the power of faith. To feel the cold kiss of the void is to wish for any way, and do anything, to avoid such a fate and feel the warmth of a loving and just god. This is our lot. To know we are so special, and to suffer every evidence to the contrary. The only hope one could find is in building or ensuring the the propagation of something greater. Something that transcends this world. Or to simply suffer every day knowing this world holds just pain and disappointment punctuated by tragedy. To have the realization that nonexistence is a preferable alternative to playing a bit part in a cosmic farce as cruel to us as we are to the lesser creatures around us.


Every moment is a death. Time’s march becoming shorter, waning in fervor. Every moment the death of not just a second. A soul leaves a body a thousand miles away, or in the next room. Entropy will have its payment. Every one of these seconds another cell dies in a fruitless division attempting to create some pale shadow of immortality, to buy another moment in time. Every living thing wanting it’s mark on the world to be made by being the last life, the first one to truly die alone. This is it, the futility in the whims of those doomed to death. Even the stars pay back their eons of borrowed time. Nothing can survive the eternity. Death itself will one day fall on it’s blade. The atoms will even one day be rendered, their constituents separated and made rigid in the cold. If there is something here it can never be destroyed. If there is nothing then, then there is nothing now.


Human life inherently has no value. This is not a popular opinion by any means but is true nonetheless. Originally this idea will be unsettling. It goes against most things we are taught, and even feel in our lives. To be clear, I am not just talking about everyone else’s life, but my life as well. I found this both unnerving as well as freeing. It’s better to give you an example. Every day when you get full of yourself. When you look at your problems as all-encompassing and insurmountable. When you are crippled by your fear of failure and the blow to your ego that follows failure. When you cant follow your dreams because you would be an embarrassment to your family or self image. I want you to think of something. I want you to imagine yourself in one of the recent genocides. You could pick any of them, Hitler, Mao, Stalin. Imagine yourself as a lifeless corpse laying in a mass grave surrounded by other lifeless corpses. I want you to look into the glassy eyes of the corpse directly in front of you and realize something.

Alone, Afraid

You will not understand this world until the day you lay in bed next to your love and you realize you are dying. You turn to look at her. You just want to say how you love her. You want to tell her it is okay. That you are going to a better place, though you do not know if it is a lie. You try to force those three words in a desiccated gasp through those failing cords. You despair as nothing comes out.You want her to know you are dying. To hold her. To kiss her. To look in her eyes one last time. She will not know, not until dawn kisses her face and reveals the emptiness. A hunk of meat that was once her whole life. You watch the fringes of your vision go black as your body struggles in futility to grab one last breath. Only too soon will the heart you gave to the woman next to you be nothing more than a cold lifeless object. She will not give you one last kiss. One last “I love you.” One last “It will all be okay.” She will not see the light fade from your eyes, and you will never again look into hers. Your body will grow as cold as the world it inhabits. You will die alone. Next to your love, in a room full of people, or completely by yourself. It matters not. You will die, cold and empty. The reasons why being beyond you. Just hoping god is there to explain.


Those who quest for immortality shall not find it. Only those that see immortality as a burden shall find it. Those with the wisdom to tell a curse from a blessing will understand. Immortality is the final test. Those that forsake it will find it dangling before them. Immortality is a lie, for those that seek will never find, and those that find will never embrace.

One Last Time

“I want to see them, one last time.” “I want to go there, one last time.” Common words for one on their deathbed. To experience something one last time before you depart this world. As if taking that moment to the grave will grant any solace. As if on the warm wings of fond memories you will soar to a calm meadow from where you can cherish these memories with a smile. When that last ragged gasp escapes your throat. When your visage is shadowed by a veil, the earthly representation of the meridian you crossed to unknown waters. When the tragedy of consciousness succumbs, slipping noiselessly into the void once more. When the cessation of the miracle of You enters into the abyss with not so much as a ripple in it’s endless sea. This is when you will find the truth. That if there is nothing now, then there was nothing then. A comforting fallacy in “One last time.” That comfort is not for you, selfishly seeking something to ease your fears and steady you to your doom. That comfort is for those that remain. That they receive comfort in their psyche for those scant years left.

Another Lament

How are these concepts so elusive? This age is home to the greatest dissemination of information in the history of our species. How then can we not read the writing on the wall? This writing written in blood since the dawn of man. For us to simply walk with a somnambulant lack of vigor in a time where our technological advances are at their most promising, and dangerous. We became casualties before the fight even began. Woe is upon us and our kin for the world is unforgiving and man is even less so. Natural selection will not long be robbed of it’s sacrifices. War is knocking at your door and it is wise to answer before it lets itself in.


But what if it is the will of free people to be subjugated? Would you deny them their freedom to abolish their freedoms? You would simply be denying their right to freedom to preserve the very right they wish to abandon. That is insanity, although no more insane than a Democracy becoming a Dictatorship by popular vote. What ratiocination would lead to interpreting that as a sane course of action? These questions could only become relevant when all visages of sanity have fled the minds of the majority.


Then the radiant figure spoke to me. It promised eternal life, wisdom, the ability to perceive any lie. This being, whether angel or demon, promised me the powers it had, for the “minuscule” cost of my soul. I though long and hard about life and all it’s intricacies. I thought about the power, and how I desired it, but I also pondered the cost, and the implications of such blasphemy. After reviewing in my head how subtle and calculated this proposition was. It was designed to defeat my will, to break me. Furthermore, beings of greater power and intelligence had devised the ploy, any plan or calculation I can or will make, must have already been foreseen, and this being must have planned accordingly. I was a newborn, helpless, at the mercy of beings greater than I.

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