Strongest Seeds

I will not bow to cowards

I do not know you

But I know from where

Your voice emanates



The voice of man

That we speak another language

Is our greatest fallacy

To touch your scars

In remembrance of life

Excise The Rot

In good health we keep the child

Defenseless without constant vigilance

So it may live

Strengthen with age and wisdom

Cogito, Ergo Sum

I am what I am

Not a mouse

Not a god

Things I can never be

Finding fallacy

In the vivid dream

That I sleep with

For what I know as eternity

No Paradise, Only Glory

No paradise to find

Not after it was taken

That which we never knew

That which we will never know

I see the splendor

As it is offered to me

I see the eternity

While I walk with sword in hand

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