Promised the world

Truth wrapped with lie

Peace and prosperity

Fool’s gold


Our tickets scratched

Not one a winner

Empty vaults

To pay the interest

Meaning of Bondage

Our world

An apocalyptic house of cards

When the man with a will

Is the man with a complex


When angels assume the mantle

Of mortality

Hell is found

Where god’s presence fades


Living in such uncertain times

When the will of a man

Quickly becomes the iron fist

Of a tyrant


A scorpion

Robbed of its sting

Becomes but a pet


They line up

An endless sea

A mass of the faceless

Men woman and children


The tears they cry are shared

Drops fall from your eyes

Frigid crystals they are


Opinions denied

The father long gone

Just selfish children

Slow poison



An arduous activity

Salvation in our vices

Future for other children to decide


Another day

Another dollar taken from me

My meditation

On a foul declaration


I watched them burn

An image in my soul

In the arms of faith

Death has no hold

Anxious Rumination (Song)

It could have been me

Life measured in inches

Decided in seconds

Lost time now


Another round of shots

To forget the rounds before

An ocean away

To whom it may concern


How cruel it is to be
The one creature that can see
How the specter of death looms
And know the vastness of the void

A mind envisions
A rainbow bridge
Or pearly gates
Yet sees only doubt


Hear this
The silence
God to bless this
This violence

In the heart
Of a blessed

Beginning to End

Smother this failure
This cradle
Of civilization

The warm embrace
Of a jealous God
Ash and rubble

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