A love letter written

Encased in a broken heart


Love done the right way

Yet ended all the same

For what

But the fickle whims of another


The narcissist is survived by the world


God’s choice in humor






Relics that gather dust

Only suffering can wipe away


Dancing with the devil

Smelling of crimson rose

A faint scent of brimstone

Perfect prose


Your soul taken in despair

Emotions the currency

No reprieve

When adam seeks his eve

Dead to the World

I am no man’s slave

We are born slaves

This is a choice


An owned man sleeps sound

A free man must never sleep again


This war started long ago

Pillaging of rights

Facetious freedom


Those who quest for immortality shall not find it. Only those that see immortality as a burden shall find it. Those with the wisdom to tell a curse from a blessing will understand. Immortality is the final test. Those that forsake it will find it dangling before them. Immortality is a lie, for those that seek will never find, and those that find will never embrace.


A thousand voices call my name

The voices in the Void


My indecision

My prison

A facade dissolves

Vanity in vain

Another Lament

How are these concepts so elusive? This age is home to the greatest dissemination of information in the history of our species. How then can we not read the writing on the wall? This writing written in blood since the dawn of man. For us to simply walk with a somnambulant lack of vigor in a time where our technological advances are at their most promising, and dangerous. We became casualties before the fight even began. Woe is upon us and our kin for the world is unforgiving and man is even less so. Natural selection will not long be robbed of it’s sacrifices. War is knocking at your door and it is wise to answer before it lets itself in.


But what if it is the will of free people to be subjugated? Would you deny them their freedom to abolish their freedoms? You would simply be denying their right to freedom to preserve the very right they wish to abandon. That is insanity, although no more insane than a Democracy becoming a Dictatorship by popular vote. What ratiocination would lead to interpreting that as a sane course of action? These questions could only become relevant when all visages of sanity have fled the minds of the majority.


It was but a resigned breath away

The sweet release

The abysmal drop

The fear of mankind


The end of fear

The end of sorrow

Of hunger and pain

Of The Disease


Blinded by sanity

Disfigured by prudence

The mandate is spoken

Swift and violent action


Virulent in nature

To the lament of the wise

Under a false flag they proclaim

A facade in your best interests

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