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Tragedy’s Stain

The conqueror will hold this place

Born of darkness

And the death of the countless

Becoming our god


Feel that ancient terror

Creep across your skin

Stifle your voice

And chill your bones


This is a shrine

To the best intentions

The great redesign

For which we are the indemnitee

Empty Nest

I watched the robin nest

As I entered the den

Of the lions

I wish them well

They wish to take my life


Bubbling miasma in the void

From which I sprung forth

To grasp at the promise of existence

To my lament


The new abnormal

An acceptable aberration

The construct’s inflammation

A bold conflagration


Chasing those fireflies

Lights that flicker in the dark

Guiding you home

To the abyss


Lulling the sheep

To sleep

The mesmerizing hands

Of the puppeteers


When the lies never stop

When revolution becomes the puppet of the top

When your promised future is just lies and slop

We are left with not but ashes

In The Gray

We fade into oblivion

Under the callous gods

We made

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