Do Not Bear This

Let it die with me

Those memories

Bring not but pain

Pain that kills the future

Nothing held sacred

Will be sacred forever

Ashes are scattered

Memories are shattered

The past holds the future hostage

With a lock that has no key

But you are not a chest stuck in place

You are a person that can be free

Bottling up inside

Emotions that build until they erupt

To your detriment

Numbed by the opiate of pain

Cursed is your past

When the future is filled with your lamentations

When those ghosts whisper to you on rainy days

When you sit alone sobbing to their memory

The dead will not resurrect

They would if they could that you would not be alone

They are in the eternal peace

While you have no will to trudge on

Much work will find you

One day

Much happiness will be found in the morrow

Until you soar on the wings of peace

Nothing left to bear

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