Strongest Seeds

I will not bow to cowards

I do not know you

But I know from where

Your voice emanates

I am not born from the fearful

I seek not a quiet end

I seek only what little life

Allowed to me by the greater

Find me on the bow

Of great ships

I care not where they go

Just that panic makes the journey cheaper

I care not the direction the wind blows

But I care of those that hold my leash

Not meant to suffer a short life of fear

I never intended to escape this planet alive

Let those with qualms stay in gilded cages

I will join those that hold purpose

Greater men before me

Have pointed to the hills I will die on

I am the problem

Not the solution sought

To hold the truth to heart

That all should be free

I have yet to wrong another

In faith by word or deed

Holding open hands to all

But those that play the master

No call for violence

Just circumspection and good deed

Written on our hearts is the truth

And we will save even the bad seeds

We fail in each endeavor

Time and time again

But even the carrion crows have feathers

To fly to a better end

Some pillars must be toppled

If you wish to not be subjugated

To stop holding the halls of man

To the standard of false gods

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