No Paradise, Only Glory

No paradise to find

Not after it was taken

That which we never knew

That which we will never know

I see the splendor

As it is offered to me

I see the eternity

While I walk with sword in hand

It was not meant for me

For us

That eternal paradise

Hell is what we know and love

No alms will be given

No higher retribution sought

We seek not but blood

Like the sword seeks only a purpose

We are the sword

The arbiters of pain and redemption

The shortest straw drawn

In the lot of the gods

We beg for protection

We demand fealty

Yet the divine river still lacks

The immortality we desire

Deeds not words

In a world drawn by systemic lies

I cannot exist

Without proof of my endeavors

We are the gods

Lords of what the gods refused

To toil to accomplish great deeds

To do something worth remembering

Let not your deeds fall to darkness

Let shadow not darken what little time you have

The boldest take fortune to leash

And make her sing their glory songs

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