Diseased Programming

Good is the intoxication of seduction

That your tunneling vision

Grants you every sought favor

Up until your ruin



Poisons of personality

Venom injected with a smile

Spread systemically with words


Ruins built on our condition

Built by our most enlightened

To create what will truly last

In defiance of philosophy


Lasting love not found

In the embrace of succubi

Empty pits in the soul

Filled with the artifice of love


Warm embraces

Between cold bodies

Cherry sweet nothings deafen ears

From hearing the calls warning of hubris


Frailty seeps in the resolute

Paying for love today

That it may last the morrow

Never whole in any moment


Insidious glitches

In this timeless march

Towards perfection

Cruel to those early in the lines


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