One day I will see you again

To call me the wretch I am

For lost time

The task at hand


There is no calling

From beyond the veil

Wails proclaim the culling

Turning my face pale


Fond memories take form

Finding no time left after adjournment

This path so easily makes

Nihilistic sociopaths


Anything not held in remembrance

Shall find those gilded gates

No matter the labor or ethic

Will recompense be compensate


Riding lightning

At solemn vigils


Feigning pain

During the merriment


Find life

As a futile insult


Spitting in the face

Of forgotten gods


There is no will held

By god

Devil or man

That looks separable


Find the faith

In your loved ones passing

Find that strength

That you alone still stand


For nothing is

As fleeting as the faith of man

No purpose has meaning

When death offers its hand





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