A life worth

Nothing in value


Throwing it away

The end you take no pay


This is the hand dealt to me

Burning cards I must hold


Never a magic pill

All I know is the thrill


Life is just a dream

Gone awry


Name another saint

Shining in brand new paint


I know the mistakes I’ve made

No clock to turn but to tomorrow 


This is the lot I’m dealt

Never a life of felt


Collapsing in pain

Now I know tomorrow is a lie


Feel their pain in kind

Rot overtakes your mind


I know this is a sham

But I’ll still feel this way tomorrow


Claws grip at my soul

Nothing helps to climb the pole


Of a false tomorrow

Where life pays tax to time


Death takes all that is mine

No trust for the divine


Take me far away

Ashes blow over decay


Nothing held sacred tomorrow 

When foul winds blow


This is the pain I hold dear

Nothing to collapse my only fear


Know I failed

But I tried my best


Toxic futility

No measure to comfort me


My best is to know as much

Saving graces fall away


Forgive me

My transgressions 


I tried to live the light

I knew so well


Now they call to me

Another dissonance


Calling me tomorrow 

No saving grace left


For the already fallen

No mercy for those who tried their best


Noiselessly slip among the dead

Without so much as a whisper of protest

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