Leads to a lack of morality

Rotting corpses

Fetid and festered


Nothing left to gain

When all thought

Rots in your brain

Nothing to lose


When there is no hope

Nothing lost at the end of the rope


I lost nothing

Pain is all I see

Paradise lost

Sunk by the storm of sentience


Broken measures

Nothing can be held so dear

There is no reason

In the void


I cannot see

Any ending

That makes clear

My fate in oblivion


A call to the cattle

Remember the death rattle

Find that solace

In ignorance


I could hear your cries

At the last moment

I looked in your eyes

With the shame of comfort


Waves strike the rocks

In a fallacious edifice

Smooth calming smells

Holding you warmly


In your last moments

I’m sorry

For the things I’ve done

I’m sorry

For the final outcome


Faith and innocence

Stretched thin over sorrow

I offer only my heart

Etched with ethereal lies


I know I’m holding

Only hope

I seek the truth

Hanging my rope


There is

Only one change I hold

Wishing fate

Was not so bold


My pain

Made my sacrifice

Of sanity

Lost with hope


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