I pray for that redemption

Baptism in blood

Cleansing ichor

Flames to purify my soul


I pray the screams never cease

The anguish never ends

My blood covers a knife

Held by a friend


I pray there is no meaning

Just suffering

Punctuated with despair

The tower topples before I can summit


I pray for nothing

My every wish fulfilled

Others pray for mercy

Silence is still an answered prayer


I pray to be consumed by our shared condition

An inferno burning ash

Struggling against the embrace of the wind

An arduous journey without end


I pray

To end my arrogance and denial

To revel in the madness

Seek the purpose in the meaningless


I pray for the worst

You pray for the best

Every answer brings the nothing I seek

While you feel the weight

Of thunderous silence




intrapersonalcreativity May 1, 2018 at 10:13

I pray the Miracle to be with your spirit, cheers and peace to you.


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