Living in such uncertain times

When the will of a man

Quickly becomes the iron fist

Of a tyrant


A scorpion

Robbed of its sting

Becomes but a pet


So great an age

Speaking to any the span of your world

All the more pain

Experienced in muteness


Those great minds before

Building their children a future

How they must weep

At the ignorance of their prodogies


Ignoring the wise

Blind to even the past

Such arrogance

None survive


Carrying forth the burden of your colors

To see them burned all the same

When no arms are left to bear

Broken talons of the eagle


A cacophony of wailing cowards

Commanding from warm beds

The count rises of the arbitrary number

Of your neighbors draped in the splendor


When the calls shriek from the dark

Cold grips your very bones

Light again that torch

Of eternal vigilance





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