They line up

An endless sea

A mass of the faceless

Men woman and children


The tears they cry are shared

Drops fall from your eyes

Frigid crystals they are


Wounds are healed

Pain is numbed

Emotions fade

How unnatural


One final moment for anguish

For the funeral was your own


Some faces emerge before you

Faces known to you

Yet long have passed

Welcome you with ethereal arms


How can you exist

This question fills your mind

Almost as if it matters


Tears fall for nothing

The pain of those you love


Wasted life


You always knew the questions

Now you understand no man is sane

Now the answers appear from the fog


What is the meaning of life

Why are we all here

Unanswerable questions

Yet you fear it is worse


The answer is clear

There was no meaning

You were never even here

Cold touch of wisdom

As you embrace the void

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