A goddess spoke before man

Every movement of her lips

Rang with dissent

Culling complexes


An existential dilemma

Profligates lounging

Sweaty and lethargic

As the world decays around you


So difficult to care

For this dilemma is not your own

Problems for the youth

Youth set for failure


Education is weak

Minds poisoned

Hopes shattered

Spears blunted


Crying out

Wall of dissonance

Cacophony screams of unattainable dreams

Cries of madness as the mind shatters

Under the weight of a cold cruel world



Dreams never attainable

Times are only hard

When your life is so soft

Failure in every aspect

Disease passed between kin


Frustrated rage

Hidden behind black masks

Bottles of fire

Explosions of salvation


One is the evil

The other a scourge

For when the laws that govern

Fail so completely

They must be rewritten in blood

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