Dead to the World

I am no man’s slave

We are born slaves

This is a choice


An owned man sleeps sound

A free man must never sleep again


This war started long ago

Pillaging of rights

Facetious freedom


Flat line

Insides decay

Growing ever colder

As an inferno rages within


Wrenched from the icy love of death

A burst of fury

Freedom at the point of a syringe


They want you to bleed

Retribution for the world to see

Punishment for transgressions

Transgressions in the name of humanity


Hatred and resentment

Ignorant masses accept

The idiocy

Blind to the heroes

All prophets false

In the new millennia


Blood boils

Skin flays

Muscle sloughs off bone

God’s horrible salvation


Man is not an animal

Man is not a god

Man is what it makes of itself

Man made itself it’s devil


For a man never offered





He offers none in kind


That lone man

Who stares at certain death

Fighting the tide of the masses

Choosing his own death

A signal pyre for all to see

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