Opinions denied

The father long gone

Just selfish children

Slow poison



An arduous activity

Salvation in our vices

Future for other children to decide


Children command children

Wisdom is for owls

Knowledge trapped in books


Forget the past

Forsake the future

Feel only the present



Forget these lies

We cannot be stopped

Delusions of grandeur

Delude only ourselves


The past

Mirrored by the present

To watch it die

Drown with your possessions


Nothing left sacred

When love left forgotten

Things do not fit

Where your soul should be


Swallow your savior

Numbness on the horizon


We failed our fathers


Our children

Yet there is no remorse


Let it fail

The shattered

Lie broken still


Slowly bleeding out

Cut the arteries

Save us

With a quicker death


Plodding forward

Eyes to the sky

Hope at such great height

As you sink into the ground


Foolishness is not it’s own punishment

These wrongs will be righted

By the will of god

Or the actions of man



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