Even One

Communion with god

A call to war

Death to the infidel

Suffering for the faithless


The human condition

Looking for meaning in a blank book

Never to turn back a page

As this book grows


All not made public

It rots

The lights extinguished

No longer a bastion of hope


A dark room

Devoid of stimuli

Wick-less candles

No flame for light


Crystal tears fall

Like snowflakes

Wasted concern

Eternal sleep

Eternal peace


You awaken

A clamor consumes

Your peace

Endless souls to grab arms

A generation in peril


These shelves overflow

The creatures of the mind

Desecrating sacred peace

Lies pervaded by the dead


Fire consumes

The darkness

Leaden hail

Cuts tethers short

The dearly departed


To blood soaked tragedy


Man knows no peace

Death his only reprieve

This dance done

Even alone

For if one man lives

Who carries this condition

We will always know war


Well written.


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