Existential Malaise

What worth is held by thee

Another fish in an endless sea

Just one of countless casualties


The star of the play

Just another prop

On the stage

Of a cosmic farce


I will not be a victim

Another hoarse cry

Another silent scream in the void


No value is left

When the mob overtakes you

A fire sale on your soul

When your god forsakes you


Your dreams shattered

Because only sweat and blood

Are currencies held eternal


Who is to care

As you lament your shallow legacy

Memories stripped

By the sands of time


Plead upon deaf ears

And show them how you hurt

You bleed upon the construct

Just to please your executioner


It will never be

As it once was

Until it is dust


There was never a purpose

Your life never meant more

A number

Another name carved in granite

On the wall of the dead

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