One Last Time

“I want to see them, one last time.” “I want to go there, one last time.” Common words for one on their deathbed. To experience something one last time before you depart this world. As if taking that moment to the grave will grant any solace. As if on the warm wings of fond memories you will soar to a calm meadow from where you can cherish these memories with a smile. When that last ragged gasp escapes your throat. When your visage is shadowed by a veil, the earthly representation of the meridian you crossed to unknown waters. When the tragedy of consciousness succumbs, slipping noiselessly into the void once more. When the cessation of the miracle of You enters into the abyss with not so much as a ripple in it’s endless sea. This is when you will find the truth. That if there is nothing now, then there was nothing then. A comforting fallacy in “One last time.” That comfort is not for you, selfishly seeking something to ease your fears and steady you to your doom. That comfort is for those that remain. That they receive comfort in their psyche for those scant years left.

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