Then the radiant figure spoke to me. It promised eternal life, wisdom, the ability to perceive any lie. This being, whether angel or demon, promised me the powers it had, for the “minuscule” cost of my soul. I though long and hard about life and all it’s intricacies. I thought about the power, and how I desired it, but I also pondered the cost, and the implications of such blasphemy. After reviewing in my head how subtle and calculated this proposition was. It was designed to defeat my will, to break me. Furthermore, beings of greater power and intelligence had devised the ploy, any plan or calculation I can or will make, must have already been foreseen, and this being must have planned accordingly. I was a newborn, helpless, at the mercy of beings greater than I. Like a child, I had no thought, because none could help me. I realized that sentience did not lift the veil of the universe, but instead made another veil that gave the appearance of clarity. Only by reverting to my purist form, the form my ancestors shook off in confusion, the confusion being that sentience would be a step forward, not the silent poison that bars the very gates of heaven. I took to my urges and found an answer. I got what I was promised without loss. I rent the flesh of this being. I took what was mine, what was forgotten, and that which was pure. I feasted on the creatures heart, both metaphorically, and physically. I tore it from it’s home, and forced it into a new one. The gates of heaven opened. It’s price was also it’s reward. The loss of pain, suffering, the loss of torment. The loss of the mind, the loss of sanity brought the fountain of understanding and purity. How I wish to live pure again! But that is not my purpose, I have taken the curse of sentience again to help us all. Please, even if only to know happiness for a minute, let go of your thoughts, join me in truth and bliss. Please, quell those demons you foolishly call thoughts. I have the key you’ve been searching for. It is offered to all for just a small fee.

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