It was but a resigned breath away

The sweet release

The abysmal drop

The fear of mankind


The end of fear

The end of sorrow

Of hunger and pain

Of The Disease


But I fought it

The easy way out

To live

When freedom was a breath away


Ignorance is bliss

For there is a glimpse of hope

Even in this abyss

That the torture will never end


For the truth shall set us free

So we shackle ourselves to it

How can you heal without reprieve

When the scars of judgement never fade


Never to rest

Your heart never stops

For fear keeps it racing

In defiance of the truth


For when the bell tolls

With a resounding crack


When the cool crisp water

Fills your lungs


When the warm pool around you

Is your own blood


When the memories begin to fade

When hope is replaced with reality

When the world dissolves before your eyes

Into a field of ash


Then is when you will understand

The blessing of death

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It’s beautiful!💜 I write poetry too I’d be glad if you could check out my blog 😊 much love


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